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UPDATE: Stray dogs removed from Sissonville home, Humane Association has custody

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The Kanawha County Humane Association seized the stray dogs from the property. Seven dogs and one puppy in total were left at the home. A Humane Association official said as long as the dogs are healthy they will be able to be adopted within a week. 

The homeowner claims the situation spiraled out of control over the weekend when she left to visit relatives less than an hour way, but got stuck there during the snow storm. 

"Everything just happened all at once. We couldn't get home from the storm," said Alicia. 

There is no law in Sissonville that limits how many pets she can have. 

"Those are my kids. I don't have kids. I can't have kids. They are my kids and I wouldn't ever mistreat a dog or a cat or anything," she said.

The homeowner was not cited for the incident. The Humane Association checked out all of her pets to make sure they weren't harmed.



 Tips from viewers led us to a home in Sissonville, where we found full-grown dogs and puppies left outside in freezing temperatures.  

They were shivering and eating snow.  From the road it was plain to see that three dogs at the home were left to fend for themselves. 

Neighbors who live around this house said they first spotted the dogs yesterday and that they had been there overnight. 

Deputies with the Kanawha County Sheriff's Office said the same thing.  We spoke with Cpl. Brian Humphreys.  He said deputies have been to this home multiple times over the course of the last two days, sometimes, on their own time, to monitor the situation.

The person who lives at the home wasn't home during the checks, according to Humphreys.  But it doesn't end with the three dogs on the roof.  Humphreys said deputies counted 16 dogs at the house.  We went knocking on the front door too.

On the front porch, we saw at least three more dogs, including a very young  puppy, lying on another dog.  When we looked up, we saw the dogs on the roof, peeking from a hole, trying to get down. 

No one answered the door, so we walked back down to the road.  As we were shooting video, a woman claiming to be the homeowner pulled up beside us. We asked what was being done. 

She said, "We don't know how they got out and I don't have a key and my son is home."  "If your son is home then why doesn't he get the dogs off the roof," asked 13 News photojournalist, Elbert Mosley.  The homeowner said, "He's going to, he just came in."

But no one answered the door when we knocked and there were no cars in the driveway.  About an hour later, someone did show up at the house and started wrangling up the dogs.  Minutes later, the woman claiming to be the homeowner came back and rolled down the window of her car.  She said the dogs did not belong to the person living in the home, her son. 

"We have no idea who the dogs are," she said.  "So I think people should tell people to quit dropping their dogs off.  The homeowner told us the dogs got on the roof from a hole in the wall.

Cpl. Humphreys tells 13 News that workers with the Humane Association were also at the house Tuesday, but no one was home when they knocked.  The homeowner told us, they're meeting with the Humane Association at the house Wednesday afternoon.

As we were leaving Tuesday evening, another deputy arrived to check on the dogs.  Cpl. Humphreys told us the Sheriff's Office does not have the authority to seize animals.

He added that the deputies said the dogs did look like they were  in good condition and that they look like they've been fed.  He said they're working with officials at the Humane Association to find a solution.  When we left, the dogs were off the roof.

Keep checking 13 News for more on this developing story.  

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