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Kanawha County schools revert back to tap water

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Kanawha County schools switching back to tap water Kanawha County schools switching back to tap water

For the first time since the chemical spill, tap water returned to classrooms in Kanawha County schools. At Horace Mann Middle School, there was a clear change in the school cafeteria.  

"All the filters in the water fountain have been changed and are functional," said John Anderson, the principal at Horace Mann Middle School. "Our custodians have already followed the proper protocol."  

Kanawha County schools were ordered to switch back to tap water last Friday. Schools made the transition after several rounds of flushing and changing filters in everything from ice makers to steamers.  

"I don't feel a bit apprehensive about it, we haven't had any smells," said Lisa Peal, the head cook at Horace Mann Middle School. "Our water hasn't felt funny or anything like that."  

So far, students and teachers haven't noticed a difference either. But the change is making a world of a difference to cooks. Switching back to tap water helped cut their food preparation from thirty to five minutes.  

"It takes about six to seven cases of water just to fill up the pot to make macaroni and cheese," said Peal. "I am anxious to turn the tap back on."  

The school said its slowly easing into the transition. Right now, it's keeping lids on everything in the steamer to keep the water out.    

"We are still providing water to the kids, probably have enough stocked up for the kids for the next week," said Anderson.   If supplies run out sooner than that, Peal says she isn't worried.  

"I've tasted it several times here and it tastes good," she said.    

Other counties are also making the switch back to tap water. Culloden Elementary School in Cabell County is making the transition back to tap water on Thursday. Officials with Putnam County say they are still using bottled water and will revert back to tap water when they run out.

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