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Sarah Koegler

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Senior Managing Director, 
Teach for America 
Wheeling, 38

While Sarah Koegler's work as senior managing director for Teach for America has taken her all over the country, the Babylon, N.Y., native now is settled in Wheeling with her husband and children.

Koegler received her bachelor's degree in cultural anthropology from James Madison University and her master's of social work, or MSW, from San Francisco State University.

Teach for America is a nonprofit organization that enlists high-achieving recent college graduates and professionals to teach for at least two years in low-income communities throughout the United States.

When determining each corps member's assignment, three things are taken into account: regional need and opportunity, state legal certification requirements and the individual's preferences.

Since the charter corps was established in 1990, more than 28,000 corps members have completed their commitments to Teach for America.

To balance her role as senior managing director and mother, Koegler said balancing work and home is essential, in addition to realizing that sacrifices will be made in both areas. The key, she said, is determining which consequences one is able to accept.

"I understand the consequences of having a job while being a mother," Koegler said.

Because being a mother is of the utmost importance, Koegler said 100 percent of her attention is not continuously on work alone and that she tries to keep that reality in mind.

What helps in balancing Koegler's home life and work life? Her husband.

"I have a real partner that is as involved as I in our home life and raising our kids," she said.

In addition to work and home life, being involved in the community is also important to Koegler.

She currently serves on the Ohio County Board of Education and does strategic planning for nonprofits. 

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