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Amanda Castle

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Doctor of veterinary medicine,
Town and Country Animal Hospital 
Wheeling, 31

When Amanda Castle isn't spending time with her 4-month-old son, Owen, she's nursing animals back to health.

The veterinarian, mother and wife was born and raised in Wheeling, where she works to continue her lifelong love of animals. 

"I've always been interested in treating animals, taking care of them," Castle said. 

She also enjoys biking for charity, and the love of animals carries over to her spare time — she enjoys horseback riding for fun. Castle said she generally enjoys anything outdoors, including home improvement projects, and she considers herself a morning person.

Castle attended West Liberty University, where she received her undergraduate degree in microbiology and minored in chemistry.

After receiving her undergraduate degree, Castle attended the University of Georgia for veterinary school.

She said she and her family have two greyhounds, and the public health field is a trend in her family. Her husband, Keith, is a West Virginia state trooper, but her siblings are a dentist, physical therapist, and one is currently in dental school, she said.

"I was absolutely shocked that I was nominated for this," Castle said of receiving the Generation Next award. "I'm honored but really taken by the fact someone thought enough of me to nominate me for this award."

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