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Brooke Lord

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Marketing and Development Manager,
Dixon Hughes Goodman
Charleston, 33

As Marketing and Development Manager for Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP, Brooke Lord says many of her duties are very rewarding.

"It's almost like a family," she replied. "It's a real collaborative effort. I work with enjoyable people who help out. And it's a very flexible environment. 

"I feel that my contributions are appreciated and what I do helps the greater good of the firm. I feel like what I do matters."

Outside of the office, Lord has been involved with several causes.

"I voluntarily serve on the Generation West Virginia board and I'm currently the co-chair," she said. "I also serve on Generation Charleston and am a former co-chair. I feel strongly about sharing what's special about West Virginia. It's a great place to work and play."

Lord also serves on the Kanawha County Public Library board and is on the steering committee of a new organization, the City of Charleston's EDGE project.

She is also very active as a volunteer with the annual event "Girls Night Out" which benefits the local YWCA.

Lord is also driven to take full advantage of opportunities.

"You can't just stand on the sidelines," she said. "You have to get involved to affect change. Some things are out of our control and sometimes you have to be patient. You may not see things come to fruition, but you still have to plant a seed. 

"Sometimes we don't get to see immediate results, and that can be discouraging. But every piece of the puzzle is important," she added.

Despite a very busy life, in work and recreational time, balance has been a goal that Lord seems to be achieving.

"You have to be flexible," she said. "You have to learn how to say no sometimes.

"My husband Rick and I have different schedules," she added. "So we try to designate dinner time together. You have to try to find what works for you. We make time for things that matter to us."

Lord, a lifelong state resident, is a graduate of West Virginia State University and West Virginia State Community and Technical College.

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