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AAA in Charleston, WV offers tips for motorists dealing with potholes

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Gina Thomas lives in Putnam County, WV. She met friends for a run Friday.

Potholes were a topic of conversation.

"Sometimes I have to stop the car and wait for the other car to go around so I can swerve," Thomas said. "I am just really afraid that I am going to bust a tire."

For many people the cost to repair damage caused by potholes is getting expensive.

At AAA in Charleston, WV there have been numerous calls relating to requests for help with tire problems likely caused by potholes.

Spokesperson Christina Rollyson said there are steps motorists can take to lessen the damage to their vehicles.

Rollyson said motorists can do a simple test to check their tires and make sure they have enough tread and are inflated properly.
To check the tread depth, Rollyson said to insert a quarter into the tread groove with Washington's head upside down. The tread should cover part of Washington's head. If it doesn't, she said, motorists should consider getting new tires. Tires should also be inflated to the manufacturer's recommended levels.  "Your tires are the cushion between you and the road," Rollyson said.

She said to make certain your vehicle's struts and shock absorbers are in good condition.

Once you are behind the wheel and out on the road she said to look ahead and be alert. Before swerving to avoid a pothole she said to look around for other motorists and pedestrians. She said slowing down is also key because hitting a pothole at a higher speed can increase the damage to tires, wheels and suspension components.

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