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Marion County Murder Trial Begins In Harrison County

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It's been two months since Michael Palmer's murder trial was put to a halt in Marion County due to a lack of jurors.

A new jury pool was called to Harrison County Judge Bedell's courtroom on Monday to start the process from the beginning.

Judge Michael Aloi granted a motion in February to change the venue of Palmer's trial in order to eliminate any potential problems in finding an impartial jury.

This was the seventh time the trial was rescheduled since Palmer and his wife Kristyn were accused of shooting and killing her father, Everett Wilson, in 2011.

His trial date was initially scheduled for 2012.

On Monday, Prosecutor Pat Wilson and defense attorney Sean Murphy asked the jury pool a number of questions to ensure they had no ties to the case or any premature opinions.

The process of selecting a jury lasted several hours.

Judge Aloi said the jury will be taken from the Harrison County Courthouse to the crime scene in Baxter first thing Tuesday morning.

Opening statements are expected to begin right after.

Judge Michael Aloi does believe this trial will last about two weeks.

Stick with 12 News as we cover the trial from start to finish.

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