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Mold concerns at Huntington, WV Fire Department

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Over the years, a leaky roof and leaks from an old boiler system have created potential health hazards in Huntington's Fire Station #1 on 7th Avenue.

"This station here is just about at the point that if something isn't done, we're going to have to shut it down, because it's becoming unsafe for the occupants of the building," says Fire Chief Carl Eastham.

Chief Eastham says over the last 25 years, budget cuts to the department usually came out of building maintenance.

Now, the city may have to spend more than it saved.

"Well, it comes down to this black mold issue," says Eastham.

Toxic black mold spores can cause fevers, headaches and allergic reactions.

Chief Eastham showed 13 News' Ben Nandy three areas where he suspects the mold is growing.

He also showed us several other places where he fears it could grow, if no action is taken.

Eastham says it's been four years that city officials have known about this...

"It was not deemed as important by previous administrations," says the chief, who has been in charge for the last year.

Removal of toxic black mold is a process.

"It has to be remediated in a way similar to asbestos," says Eastham.

Panels containing asbestos outside are falling off due to water damage.

Removing material containing the known carcinogen could end up costing more now, than what has been saved by not addressing the problems for the last several years.

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