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Testimony Begins In Marion County Murder Trial

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Testimony began on Tuesday in a two-year-old Marion County murder trial.

Michael Palmer and his wife Kristyn are accused of shooting and killing her father, Ed Wilson, in 2011.

A Harrison County jury walked off the bus early Tuesday morning toward the Palmer residence. Each one had the opportunity to walk inside the residence and put a picture to everything they will be hearing about over the next two weeks.

Judge Michael Aloi showed the jury key places to remember. Some of which included the residence's of the Palmers and Ed Wilson; as well as parking lots, homes of witnesses, and more.

Officials said this is the first time Palmer has returned home since he was arrested in 2012.

The jury went back to the courtroom after lunch to hear opening statements from the state and defense. Marion County Prosecutor Pat Wilson was the first to address the court.

He started off with a quote that he said came directly from Michael Palmer a couple months before Ed Wilson's death. It began with, "I don't make meaningless threats."

Pat Wilson went on to explain to the jury what kind of man Ed Wilson was. He said Wilson was 62 when he died, a Vietnam veteran, and loved his family. He said Ed Wilson accumulated a lot of assets over the years including property in Florida.

Pat Wilson said he has a lot of medical conditions, which the jury would learn about as time went on.

Pat Wilson said Ed Wilson would give anyone anything they needed, including his two kids, Dustin and Kristyn.

Pat Wilson said once Kristyn met Michael Palmer, he didn't give them as much as he gave Dustin. The state believes that caused the Palmers to resent Ed and Dustin.

Once Ed Wilson got a girlfriend, he would spend thousands of dollars on her which made the problem even worse, according to Pat Wilson.

Pat Wilson said on the night that he died, Ed Wilson had a discussion with Palmer about some controversy on Facebook. Pat Wilson said Ed Wilson went home and was ambushed and killed 30 seconds after he was home.

He also said the jury would realize from the evidence that Palmer 'intentionally, premeditatedly, maliciously shot and killed Ed Wilson on the back porch of a house he was letting Mike Palmer live in for free'.

When it was time for Defense Attorney Sean Murphy to address the jury, he said just the opposite.

He told the jury Palmer acted on defense and the evidence he would be presenting over the next two weeks would prove it.

He said he agreed with the state that Ed Wilson would "give you shirt off his back" and Murphy said that's how he got in trouble.

He said his evidence will show Ed Wilson was angry for a number of reasons that built up over time.

Murphy said Ed Wilson immediately got into a new relationship after his wife passed and spent thousands of dollars on her. He said that caused a lot of conflict between him and his family.

Ed Wilson was going through a time of 'financial distress' before he died. He sold vehicles, a four-wheeler, his boat, and more. Murphy said his evidence will prove Ed Wilson was prescribed anti-psychotic medications and his drinking was 'spiraling out of control'.

These reasons and a conflict on Facebook caused Ed Wilson to storm into the Palmer residence on December 11, 2011 in rage, according to Murphy.

Murphy told the jury, "You can push all the buttons you want. No one has the right to invade your home."

Two shots were fired the night Ed Wilson died. One went through the kitchen countertop and the one that killed Ed Wilson was never found.

Murphy said Ed Wilson was found with brass knuckles.

Once opening statements completed, the state called its first witness to the stand.

Deputy Tony Veltri of the Marion County Sheriff's Department was the first to arrive on the scene in 2011 after the shooting.

He explained what he saw when he arrived on scene from where Ed Wilson was lying dead to where Palmer was standing when they arrived.

Testimony will continue Wednesday morning.

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