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Logan, WV woman refuses to pay city fees

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Kimberley Bryant shows her outstanding balance. Kimberley Bryant shows her outstanding balance.

A woman in Logan, WV said she will not pay the city for services she is not receiving.

Kimberley Bryant owes the city $1,495. The charges go back to 2005 for municipal fees, sanitation fees, fire fees and late fees.

"There is no way. I won't pay it because they can't get to me," Bryant said.

She lives on Lorraine Street in Logan, WV. The road is steep and crumbling with a sharp drop on one side.

She said her trash is not picked up regularly. At one point the city removed close to $900 from her outstanding balance because the trash had not been picked up. She said those problems are just the beginning.

"You can't get to us with an ambulance or a fire truck so why do we have to pay fees when we can't get the service," Bryant said. She said because of where her home is located she believes it would be very difficult for firefighters to respond.

Logan Fire Chief Scott Beckett said the city has the necessary equipment to reach Bryant's home. After hearing her complaints he went to her home with Logan's Police Chief to measure the distance from the closest accessible section of the road to her home. He said the distance is 125 feet. Beckett said across the country 500 feet is the standard. The distance to the closest hydrant from the closest accessible location for a fire truck, he said, is about 250 feet.

"You have narrow streets so we purchase trucks just for that purpose. We carry 2,000 feet of hose on a fire truck," Beckett said.

Logan just spent $200,000 on a new compact fire truck designed specifically for tight spaces. Mayor Serafino Nolletti said in the upcoming fiscal year the city will collect $100,000 in fire fees. It is only a fraction of the $600,000 they will spend. Logan has the only paid fire department in the county.

Nolletti said they'll collect $264,000 in refuse fees compared to the $276,000 it takes to run the department.

Municipal fees go toward street lights, paving, sidewalks and police protection. Nolletti said the cost of maintaining street lights alone is $43,000. He said the city will collect $46,000 in municipal fees in the next fiscal year.

Nolletti said most people in the city pay their fees. If someone can't the city will try to work out a payment plan. If someone does not pay the city can take the matter to municipal court. If the court finds the resident is responsible for the bill the city could put a lien on their property.

Bryant said the road leading to her house is so steep and dangerous she sometimes parks at the bottom and walks home. She said many of her valuable items are in storage because she believes it is just a matter of time before there is a fire at her home. She said she fears for the safety of her family and her neighbors.

She said recent attempts to discuss the matter with the city have not produced the results she was seeking.

At this time Bryant has no plans of paying the fees.

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