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Heavy storms moving through the area cause flash flooding

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With up to two and a half inches of rain dumping on our region in the last 24 hours, flash food warnings popped up throughout the area. 

Darren Gahm, a manager at Gahm's Napa explains that there's a lot of timber removal in the area which makes it really difficult to hold the water back, especially when you get this much water coming into the area.  He says creeks will back up and water over flows onto the road.

The water began to recede just in time before the rain came back.  Gahm says they've seen a few cars get stuck in the water.  He says flash flooding like this is dangerous because the water can become powerful enough to take control of your vehicle.

It doesn't take much water on the road to hydroplane.  Gahm says even though you think you can drive through, there's a chance that the water current is more than you think it is and it will float you off.

Ohio isn't the only state at risk for flooding as these storms pass through.  Parts of Kentucky and in West Virginia have also been under flash flood watches.

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