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Fishbusters Guides Floating Trips Along South Branch River

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Larry Shuck Larry Shuck


For The State Journal
For the past two seasons anglers of all ages have been taking advantage of professional guide Larry Shuck's adventures on the South Branch River.
Shuck is owner of West Virginia Fishbuster Outfitters operating out of Green Spring. The outfitters offer half-day, 4-hour and all-day, 8-hour float fishing.
He has a lot of fishing tales to share. While floating down the river and catching a lot of fish, Shuck says, "You never know what's going to happen."
"One man caught two fish on one hook and another caught a carp on a fishing lure," Shuck said. "That's unheard of."
It isn't unusual to see Bald Eagles flying overhead, or turkey and deer grazing along the banks of the river.
"The river is full of smallmouth bass, channel catfish and others," Shuck said.
Shuck said he has had senior citizens and young children enjoy his fishing trips.
"One young man, who is 10, comes down from New Jersey," he said. "He told me he was used to fishing in lakes, but never a river. On his first float fishing trip he caught 75 fish."
Shuck has been fishing for 30 years. He shares his expertise to help all those who board his drift boat. Appropriately named "Just Drifting," is a low sided convertible river taxi that's 17-feet long and the beam is 74-inches with a polymer hull.
Shuck provides the boat and gear, although many fishermen bring their own.
"Most of those who fish throw their catches back into the river. Some do keep them," Shuck said.
The floating trip generally covers a 4-mile stretch of the river, winding around the cliffs and crevices. From executives to working class and all those in between, Shuck says his clientele enjoys the relaxing, lazy float on the river and the ambiance surrounding it.
"It's an experience of a lifetime," he said.
For information on the outfitters call 304-303-0370 or visit the web page at He can be reached by email at


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