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Ambulance service to close in Greenup County, KY; questions raised about 911 response time

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King's Daughters Medical Transport, of South Shore, Kentucky is closing it's doors at the end of May, according to several sources, including a King's Daughters spokesperson.

The news does not sit well with people who tell 13 News their lives have been saved because of KDMT's quick response times.

Helen Bentley, 82, of South Shore, has been in and out of the hospital quite a bit.

"They did everything up there for me, except hook me up to the electric chair," jokes Ms. Bentley. "I have eleven things wrong with me."

Ms. Bentley is thankful for King's Daughters paramedics who are stationed nearby.  She said they got to her within minutes when she was bleeding profusely.

After June 1, it is unclear who will be responding should she have another emergency.

"See, if something happened to me again, like losing blood, or an emergency, it's hard to tell what would happen," says Ms. Bentley, who had not known about the closure until our reporter informed her about it. "Nobody wants to go."

Charles Stump feels the same way about his diabetic father-in-law, who was quickly transported when he called for help.

"His sugar was over 500, and he called them," recalls Stump. "They came straight down, picked him up, and took him straight to the hospital. If it weren't for them, saving his life, he would have already been gone."

Officials from Greenup County 911's communications center say Greenup County EMS is going to send one unit to cover the area.

That is not comforting to officials with local fire departments and those like Helen Bentley, who wonder what may happen after June 1 if multiple 911 calls come in at once.

King's Daughters officials gave employees and the State of Kentucky 30 days notice of the closing, as is required by statute.
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