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City of Huntington, WV keeping residents informed with new website

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In Huntington, keeping residents informed, helping visitors enjoy their visit - and attracting new businesses all just got much easier - with a major online redesign.You don't have to be a computer super user to enjoy the city of Huntington's completely redesigned and upgraded website. It's a site that needed the refresh key hit more than once if you will...and they hope today's debut will give the city thousands of new friends.

Partnered with a local advertising agency, Huntington's new online presence is more responsive, easier to navigate, and mot of all, has tons more pertinent information. The "business wizard" customizes everything for business start-up's. A long awaited calendar includes meetings, concerts and all those 5-K's. Also, information now feeds to the city's Facebook and Twitter pages and the mayor says the new website offers a much needed on line showcase.

The new website now allows the city to immediately post emergency alerts - and get up to date information on Huntington's overwhelming code enforcement status.The city says live video streaming to public meeting will be added to Huntington's new website in the next few weeks..

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