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Severe storms in Logan County, WV flooding basements

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Severe storms in Logan flooding basements Severe storms in Logan flooding basements
CHARLESTON, WV - When it rains along Stratton Street in Logan County, WV, it floods. Neighbors living in the community say they are getting fed up with the storm damage.

“It's really pathetic we have to live this way,” said Amanda Whitman, who woke up to find three feet of water in her basement.

On Tuesday night, heavy rains flooded several homes, including the basement of an apartment complex. Sanitation workers say the problem lies with the city’s sewage pipes, and it appears that a collapsed line deep underground is clogging up the system.

"We have to keep the pump down there and it actually almost got into our cars,” said Whitman. “We're lucky we got there in time, the water had reached our headlights."

“I can smell this and what it is point-blank is sewage,” said James Ooten, a Logan resident.

Neighbors say their basements have flooded for the third or fourth time this past year. They say it’s not only unacceptable but preventable.

“We've been to the city hall, we are talking to the mayor, we are doing everything we know how to do,” said Whitman.

Logan Mayor Serafino Nolletti said the repair is too complex for city workers to fix, and that he is looking for outside contractors to take on the job.

“We're really sorry for the inconvenience it's caused people for that part of town,” he said. “Bear with us and we’ll get this problem fixed.”

The Mayor says four contractors are coming in Friday to assess the situation, and the city hopes to have the problem solved within a few weeks.
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