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UPDATE: National Weather Service believes "boom" caused by meteor

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UPDATE:  Vincent Perlerin of the American Meteor Society tells 13 News more about the flight path via email:

"It looks like the meteoroid entered the atmosphere 63 miles above Columbia, South Carolina. Moving northwest at 78,000 miles per hour, it finally burned up 52 miles above the Tennessee country side, just north of Chattanooga.  This fireball belongs to a class of meteors called Earthgrazers, which skim along the upper part of the atmosphere before burning up. This one traveled a distance of 290 miles, which is quite rare for a meteor. In general, Fireballs are pretty rare," said Perelin.
We've received calls, emails, Facebook messages and tweets from many of you asking about a loud "boom" across our region.  Many reports indicate that "boom" caused the land to quake.

We started getting reports of the boom around 10:30 p.m. Thursday.

We've spoken with 911 dispatchers in Lincoln, Logan and Boone Counties.  Both said the National Weather Service said they believe a meteor passed through the area, creating a sonic boom.  13 News has learned that many of you are reporting seeing a bright flash of light across the sky.

We've received calls from Logan, Boone and Raleigh counties and have even heard reports of the "boom" as far away as Kentucky.  "We hear your reports," said Chief Meteorologist Spencer Adkins.  Our newsroom is checking and we're also looking at things from a weather perspective."

It could be days before we definitely learn what caused the boom; a meteor or a meteorite.  A meteor  is an object that burns up in the Earth's atmosphere.
A meteorite is an object that passes through the Earth's atmosphere and comes in contact with the Earth's surface, according to Meteorologist Bryan Hughes.

No 911 centers we have reached out to report any emergency explosions of any kind. 

New information shows people living in other states also experienced this phenomenon.  For more, click here.
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