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Emotional return for young man and his black lab

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We've all seen the videos of those in the military surprising loved ones as they return home. In this case, upon an Air National Guardsmen's return, video was captured as his Black Labrador, Dixie, nearly tackles him as he returned home from basic training. 

"Man, I was just elated to see her and for her to knock me down. It was so awesome," said Brent Curry. "I was living in Missouri and I felt like I was missing all my friends and I needed a companion. I found a black lab pup on Craigslist for $75 dollars and it's the best $75 dollars I spent," he said. 

He then had to leave Dixie behind as he went to basic training in San Antonio.

"The feeling is really unexplainable the whole time I was in BMT, the whole time I was in tech school I was telling these people how great my pup was. Every time I called home I talked to my mom, I talked to my dad, but i asked how my baby girl was doing," Curry said.

The full video of Dixie reacting to Brent returning home

 The long distance communication is over as Brent is back home for good, and he's more than thankful for the journey he has completed.

"Now to come home and see my dog it's just the icing on the cake and I'm left here counting my blessings. I thank the good Lord for it everyday and it's just an amazing experience to have this stuff, he said.

Curry says without the outstanding support from family, friends and his "angel" Lacey from Illinois he wouldn't be where he's at now.

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