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Drivers concerned with Putnam County road slip

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Road slip in Putnam County Road slip in Putnam County
Route 34 is a lifeline for many people living near Red House in Putnam County, and neighbors are worried it is slowly slipping away.

“It is safe for now, but the more it continues to leach out and break off, it won’t be very safe,” said Frank Flowers, a Red House resident.

Neighbors say what started off as a few small cracks quickly turned into two huge road slips, and drivers say it’s getting worse each day.

“It started with just the guardrails, and now it’s eroded out underneath the asphalt,” said Flowers.

“I think any time you have a road like this on a hill this steep, there's going to be concerns that things are going to happen,” said Beth Criner, who lives off Route 34.

The WV Division of Highways restricted traffic to one lane about two weeks ago. Officials say they are closely monitoring the situation and have added signs to direct cars, but drivers say it's still a tricky situation.

"I've just been taking extra caution driving on and off the hill because you aren’t sure if other vehicles are going to be as careful as you are,” said Criner.

Neighbors say this road was just under construction a few months ago, and now they are worried the slip will close it down permanently, forcing them to take a lengthy detour.

"We have already had a few discussions about what to do if the school buses can't come in,” said Flowers. “They'll have to come a long way around the other direction…through Eleanor.”

DOH officials say they hope to start on the project by late summer. There are currently hundreds of active slips officials are trying to repair across the state.
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