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Indicted Bridgeport Mayor Mario Blount: 'I Would Never Do Anything to Jeopardize the Progress of My City'

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Bridgeport City Council met Monday, June 9 for the first time since Mayor Mario Blount was indicted on federal drug charges.

Residents spoke both in support of and in opposition to Blount's status as mayor. 

One called Blount an "honorable man," while others compared him to Clarksburg councilman Sam "Zeke" Lopez, calling for Blount to "do the right thing" and resign. 

Blount, a registered pharmacist, is accused of illegally dispensing more than 11,000 oxycodone and oxymorphone pills. Blount has pleaded not guilty to those charges.

Blount addressed citizens' concerns directly.

"As far as the city goes, they really don't have any action to take because I have not been convicted of anything. With all the due diligence it took to run for mayor, I do that same due diligence that I would to remain the mayor, or whatever other action I feel appropriate. I would never do anything to jeopardize the progress of our city," said Blount.

"I just find it very difficult to believe that the mayor is going to be able to serve the citizens of Bridgeport, as he is expected to serve them, with the many things he has coming before him," said resident Michael Barrick.

Blount said he'll know more when the official court documents are turned over to his lawyer on June 17. His trial is set for August 4.
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