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Severe storms completely destroy one Boone County home

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Wednesday was a quiet day on Frog Alley until neighbors stumbled upon Frankie Sigmon’s home.

The house he lived in for 44 years was completely destroyed after gusty 50 mile per hour winds tore through the home, ripping the roof to pieces.

“No matter what if I come out ahead, I'll never come out ahead. I'll never get back the memories and stuff. It ain't going to happen,” said Sigmon.

His siding now scatters the lawn. The tin roofing is spread all over nearby railroad tracks. His shed is toppled.

“I could see the gap where it tore off,” he said. “I looked up and I said holy… my front door, my roof, my front door is missing.”

He said it happened around 9 p.m. Tuesday night. However, his home was the only one with damage in the entire neighborhood.

“If I ever was in a war, I'd say this was a war zone. Looks like a bomb hit here,” said Butch Adams, who lives next door to Sigmon.

Adams and other neighbors spent Wednesday helping Sigmon pick up the pieces. A couple years ago the neighborhood rallied together when a different trailer blew over from a storm.

“We’ll help him clean the mess up,” said Adams. “We’ll help him rebuild, tear down, whatever he needs to do.”

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