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Dad pinned under downed tree returns home for Father's Day

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Inside of the Vance home it was a Father’s Day unlike any other.

“It's the greatest one in my opinion and we haven't even cooked out or went no where or done anything. Just sit here in the house and be together and enjoy each other,” said Gregory Vance.

Late Saturday night he arrived home from the hospital after being pinned beneath heavy limbs and trees.

It all happened last Tuesday when he and two friends were sitting on their front porch along Big Valley Road in Pecks Mill. A powerful storm swept through the area knocking down a massive tree. All three men were trapped.

Without power and the phone lines down his daughter, Brianna, posted a video using WIFI asking for help.

“Please we need an ambulance. Please save my dad,” she said.

Her plea was answered when firefighters showed up with tools to rescue the men. All three men were taken to the hospital but only Vance was kept for treatment. It was not until Saturday she found out he was coming home.

"I'm glad he's home and I love him,” she said.

However, there’s more to the story besides that frantic Facebook post. Although it was Vance who was struck by a tree, it was Brianna who was standing there moments before the tree came crashing down.

“If she would have been there a little bit longer and it would have hit her. The pain of burying one of my children, I could not bare that but I can handle this pain,” said Vance who now suffers from broken ribs, broken discs and a broken shoulder.

He said his two children are now taking care of him, helping him move around the home, cooking him food and making sure he is doing okay.

“I knew they loved me but it's the love they've shown lately. I mean it's unconditional, it's real,” he said.

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