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Couple from Princeton on 'Gypsy Wedding' TV show arrested for stealing from North Carolina bride and groom

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Eden and Elvis Boswell from the reality TV show are arrested for stealing from the bride and groom Eden and Elvis Boswell from the reality TV show are arrested for stealing from the bride and groom
A husband and wife from Princeton who gained notoriety after appearing on the hit reality TV show "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding," were arrested June 15 at a wedding in High Point, North Carolina the pair attended. According to information obtained by WGHP Fox 8 television station in High Point, both Elvis Boswell and Eden Boswell are accused of stealing from the North Carolina bride and groom, creating a situation that led to a delay of the wedding.

Eden Boswell, featured as the bride on "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding," was the maid of honor at the North Carolina wedding, according to a High Point police report and information presented in court June 16. The bride realized before the ceremony she was missing her purse, the wedding rings and $1,000 in cash.

According to WGHP, a family member told police she saw Eden Boswell, identified by the angel wing tattoos on her back, carrying the bride's purse. When police arrived at the wedding, according to the defense attorney in court, both Eden and Elvis Boswell denied stealing the purse, and officers asked they could search Elvis Boswell's truck.

Police said the Boswells agreed to a search if officers could get into their truck, which they did, and found the bride's purse, the wedding rings and some of the cash that had been reported missing, according to WGHP's information obtained in court.

According to the police report, the total value of the stolen property was $6,100, and $5,800 worth of property was recovered but $300 cash was missing. The district attorney told Judge Tabatha Holliday some of the cash reported missing had actually been marked with handwriting, and a $100 bill found in Elvis Boswell's pocket had "honeymoon," written on it, according to WGHP.

Elvis Boswell and Eden Boswell were both arrested, and the wedding took place later in the day.

In court June 16, Elvis Boswell asked for his bond to be reduced because Eden Boswell is eight months pregnant. The defense attorney said Elvis Boswell has a record of fraud-related charges in West Virginia, but Eden Boswell did not have a criminal record, according to WGHP.

“Other family members were concerned about relatives of the suspects coming down from West Virginia to cause problems. The suspects are part of a gypsy clan and both, according to them, cause problems,” the attorney said in court.

A long-time friend of Eden Boswell said she's shocked to hear the couple would do something like this. 

"We went to school together in middle school and high school," said Kayla Price. "She was a really good girl. Elvis, I've known him for 11 years; he's good people. 

"They pave driveways, they never steal and they take good care of their kids." 

Mercer County residents say gypsies are common in the area, and they're just hard working people like anyone else. 

"They work here," Victoria Conley said. "It was really shocking to hear of their crime because they keep to their own. They're not known as trouble makers around here." 

Conley also said the term "gypsy" can sometimes carry a negative connotation, but she said they are just misunderstood. 

"They're very family orientated," she said. "They're everyday people, they work really hard to provide for their family. 

"Just because they have a different way of living and live a care-free lifestyle doesn't make them bad people." 

Both Boswells have been charged with one count of felony larceny and are being held at Guilford County Jail inNorth Carolinaa. Elvis Boswell is being held on a $10,000 bond, and Eden Boswells's bond is set at $6,100. Both Boswells are scheduled to appear in court again Aug. 8.
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