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Summer camp leaders near Sissonville, WV take precautions because of heat

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Kids at Camp Virgil Tate near Sissonville, WV are having to deal with hot temperatures this week.

Some campers staying there this week are with the annual Southern District 4H Horse Camp. That means camp organizers are having to look out for humans and horses.

"Well obviously we give them baths pretty often and we get a nice little shower ourselves," said junior camp counselor Kylie Swain. She and her horse Alvin have been attending camp for seven years. "You have to make sure the horse is always cooled off. We cool them off before ourselves"

Swain and some of her peers are helping younger campers. They are having to watch for warning signs that kids or horses are getting overheated.

"I am wearing shorts and trying to stay out of the sun. We spend time in the barns. It is a little cooler in there," said Drew Asbury.

There used to be a swimming pool at Camp Virgil Tate but it has been removed. The dorms are not air conditioned. But the dining hall stays cool.

"The instructors are taking small breaks during the day and making sure they are drinking water," said organizer Jeff Takarsh.

The camp has a nurse on staff that is looking after kids to make sure they drink the right things. So far they said none of the campers have had any serious heat related illnesses.

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