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Robert Kennedy's apartment where he was tied up and robbed on Wednesday

Neighborhood reacts after unusual home invasion

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CHARLESTON, WV - Around 7 p.m. on Wednesday night, Robert Kennedy heard a knock on his 4th Avenue apartment in North Charleston. He said two men who announced themselves as police asked if they could come in. One of the men was wearing a hat with a police logo on it, so he let them inside his home. 

After entering the apartment the men shoved Kennedy to the floor, zip tied his hands together and threw a quilt over his head to keep him from seeing them. The men rummaged through the house and made it out with around $4,300 in cash, 60 Oxycontin pills, and a food stamp card. Thankfully the man who lives across the street came over to check on Robert Kennedy. When he opened the door he saw Kennedy laying helplessly on the ground. He immediately called police.

People who live in the neighborhood near Kennedy's apartment say these types of things just don't happen there. Cathy Lowther, a woman who lives a few houses away from Kennedy said "I just couldn't believe it. You never know what's going to happen anymore. This is a good neighborhood". She lives with her son and grandson and plans to take extra steps to keep them safe. She says she is going to keep her doors locked and always check before opening her home to a stranger. 

Another neighbor says she keeps her doors locked already. Patricia White says taking care of herself is very important, she is elderly and enjoys her freedom of living at home. "I am old and have some disabilities" and goes on to say "I like living at home. It keeps me from living in a retirement home". She fears if the crime continues to go up near her home she might be forced to leave her residence of over 20 years. 

Charleston Police are still looking for the two men responsible for the home invasion last night. One is described as being 5'9, 150 pounds with reddish brown hair. The other is said to have a large build, around 200 pounds with a mustache.

If anyone has information about these men or the home invasion please contact the Charleston Police Department. 
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