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Family living in rat infested home facing eviction, property owner put on notice by Health Department for rat problem

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Al Moats and his family showed 13 News' Ben Nandy recent video of their kitchen at their home on State Route 5 in Boyd County, KY.

Moats says these are images of the large rats that he tries to keep at bay with pellet guns to minimize the damage.

"This is what I walk around with at night, even during the day, to shoot rats," says Moats as he holds two pellet guns. "To make sure the kids and everybody are safe at night."

The Boyd County Health Department did an external inspection here, deemed the rats a nuisance, and is giving the landlord until June 23 to get rid of them.

Their landlord, Melvin Miller, who lives just down the road, said that he got the notice from the health department, and has an exterminator on the way to fix the problem.

The landlord also says he has bigger problems at that property than just rat infestation.

"They're just, they're welfare bums," says Miller.

Miller says he owns seven homes, and has not had a rat problem, except for the home where Moats lives with his fiance and four children.

Miller believes the family created the rat problem.

"There's six rats out of there. Big ones. Them," says Miller in reference to the family. "When you don't clean anything up, you're going to have a problem."

The family is withholding rent, and Miller is trying, once again, to evict them.

The family says the rats were at the home well before they were, and they have cleaned and replaced things destroyed by the rats.

"This floor. These walls. These ceilings. That's a whole new wall. We've done all that. We still have rats," says Moats. "He's done nothing, and when we tell him we're not paying your rent, he kicks us out."

The eviction hearing is scheduled for next week.
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