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Harrison County BOE Submits ‘Common Core’ Waiver For Mathematics

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Harrison County -

Harrison County Board of Education met Wednesday night in special session to talk about 'Common Core,' a curriculum developed to get schools across the country using the same educational standards.

Harrison County's Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum Instruction and Technology, Wendy Imperial, said West Virginia took those Common Core Standards and re-wrote them specifically for the state.

"What they do is integrate the science and the reading together, or social studies and reading and you teach reading during science, and you teach science during reading. So it really opens up the opportunity to teach students in real world application,” said Imperial.

The Harrison School Board will be submitting a Common Core Waiver for math to the state's Board of Education.

The traditional pathway for math was Algebra One, Geometry, Algebra Two and Statistics. With the integrated pathway the State Board has taken, and merged those, and blended them into what they believe is a better pathway, using Math one, Math two, Math three and Math four.

Imperial said by the end of these math courses, the same content can be reached in a better integrated way. The waiver will now go to the state for consideration.

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