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Viewers share their experiences during Hurricane Arthur from Oak Island, NC

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Hurricane Arthur is expected to make landfall on North Carolina's barrier islands late Thursday or early Friday.

Arthur is packing winds more than 80 miles per hour and the coast could get several inches of rain.

Evacuations have been ordered on Cape Hatteras and suggested in other areas.

The weather is putting a damper on vacations many people in our area have had planned for months.

Social media has been filled with photos and video of choppy water and dark skies.

"The waves are really rough. There is no swimming," Jessa Cyrus from Cabell County, WV said in a video she sent from the balcony of her hotel in Myrtle Beach, S.C. "Nobody is out."

Myrtle Beach isn't expected to take a direct hit but Arthur is interfering with holiday weekend plans.

"My wife and I are currently staying at the Bay Watch Resort in North Myrtle Beach during Hurricane Arthur. There are occasional strong winds and a lot of rain," said Jason Lilly from Poca, WV. He sent in video showing the situation outside. "My wife and I both love stormy weather but this is our first hurricane and we've been enjoying watching it from the balcony."

Many people traveling along the West Virginia Turnpike toward Charleston, WV Thursday said they didn't want to take the risk to stay.

"We decided it was good to get out while the getting was good," said Cheryl Simmons from St. Mary's, WV. She had been vacationing near Cape Hatteras, NC.

Some travelers on the other side heading toward the beach said they would not allow the threat of severe weather to convince them to cancel their vacation.

North Carolina's governor warned vacationers to put safety first.


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