Dreamland Pool could have record day on 4th of July, police presence to increase


Kenova's Dreamland Pool may have a record day on the 4th of July, and pool-goers can expect increased security and scrutiny of their bags.

We spoke to Kenova Mayor Ric Griffith about Friday's plans after the city's Parks Board meeting at Dreamland on Thursday evening.

He says expect to see a greater police presence than usual.

He says you should also be ready to have your bag searched.

We've reported on a suspected pot dealer, a lifeguard allegedly got high in the parking lot before his shift, and drug use in the bathroom.

City officials are not hiding anything, or trying to protect the city's image.

The mayor says this happens everywhere there's a gathering in society.

"The prevalence of drugs in society is no greater inside these fences than it is anywhere," says Mayor Griffith. "The difference is that we're surveilling for it. We're watching for it to try to protect the public."

This stuff is going on at many of the places where you spend your holidays with your children, but it doesn't always get reported.

That, says the mayor, is why city officials have been so forthcoming with the media and the public about drugs at Dreamland.

Tomorrow could be one of the biggest days of the season for Dreamland, if not its biggest day on record.

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