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Questions raised regarding beagle raffle at Putnam County Fair

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Two puppies to be raffled off at Putnam County Fair Two puppies to be raffled off at Putnam County Fair

It was because of Facebook posts from several viewers that we decided to look into a raffle at the Putnam County Fair.

For $1, anyone can purchase a ticket to win one of two beagles. The Putnam County Beagle Association is located in Red House. They are heading up the raffle.

Members of that club told 13 News Tuesday evening that the money from the raffle will go back to their hunting club, and some of the money will go towards charity events they take part in.

What makes some people nervous is what happens once these puppies are raffled off. There are no background checks for potential winners, and anyone can purchase a ticket.

“It’s just whoever comes and fills out a ticket,” said club member, Travor Dunlap. He said his father started the hunting club back in the early 2000’s. “We assume if you come out and fill out a ticket, you’re, by appearance, you’re able to have a dog. Hopefully you [the winner of the raffle] treat that dog well. We can assume that they go to a good home, and hopefully they do.”

Not everyone is convinced that the raffle is fair for the puppies. “As far as just raffling these dogs to anybody and not knowing where these dogs are going to, you don’t know how these dogs are going to be treated,” said Charleston native, Jason Wright. “I think they should at least do a home visit with the person who is going to win the dog before they let the dog go home with them.”

Club members said all of the dog's shots are up to date and that the dogs go home with them every night. They stay in a cage during the day, but members said there is a playpen behind their tent for the puppies to periodically play in during fair hours. They added that if the raffle-winner cannot take care of the dog afterwards, the club has always accepted them back.

Members said they require paperwork comparable to what an animal shelter would require.

The two beagles will be raffled off Saturday.

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