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Gallipolis, OH crosswalk crackdown for drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians

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We've heard it since grade school, cross at the crosswalk.

But in many of our communities, drivers are failing to stop or yield to those crossing pedestrians, often with dangerous, even deadly consequences.

Adam Baker says he walks when he travels in downtown Gallipolis, Ohio. And he says when he crosses streets, at crosswalks, he's taking his life in his hands, or in this case, his feet.

"It's hard to cross, traffic doesn't act like they pay attention for common citizens. We've heard it since grade school, cross the street at the crosswalk", said Baker.

Police chief Clinton Patterson agrees with Adam, that one of the most dangerous, driver violated crosswalks in the city, is the one that leads to the police department door.

"There have been several close calls over the years here. Luckily, nobody has been hit", said Chief Patterson.

The chief says despite the new crosswalk signage in the city, and all the warning lights for drivers, bikers and walkers, he's getting constant complaints of near misses as drivers fail to yield at crosswalks.

The chief explains that pedestrians are required to follow signals, but they still have the right of way.

He says if you are turning right across their path, you must yield right of way to them.

We caught Kristin Ripley and her daughter Haley jay walking across a busy street.

Mom gave a stop and go excuse.

Kristen told us; "If we use crosswalks or not, people don't stop, so we just try to make it across as fast as we can. "

The chief says there's no Gallipolis law against jay walking, but it's just not safe.

All intersections have crosswalks, even if they're not marked.

Crossing busy Eastern Avenue across from Wal Mart is especially dangerous, and recently proved fatal.

There was a crash there not too long ago where a lady was crossing the street, and was struck and killed.

And remember Kristin and Haley Ripley? We caught them again, after our talk, walking across the crosswalk.

Chief Patterson says he will start with warnings to Gallipolis drivers who fail to yield at crosswalks.

Then in a month, he'll issue citations.

Guilty violators will pay a $130 dollar fine.


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