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Lights installed where Charleston sexual assault occurred, search for suspect still underway

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This is where, police say, a woman was raped Tuesday This is where, police say, a woman was raped Tuesday
We spoke with a woman who was born and raised in the region.  Her name is Chelsie Stover.  "I think that everyone needs to know what happened that night," she said.  

What happened wasn't an accident.  Officers with the Charleston Police Department said it was a planned attack on a woman walking out of a place where thousands go on a weekly basis.  

We all go to baseball games, we all walk the streets of out hometowns at night, never thinking a violent crime will happen to us.  But the sad reality is, for women, and for everyone, we're never 100% safe.

Officers said on Tuesday night, a woman was raped, around the corner from a parking lot that sits next to Appalachian Power Park.  The crime happened in a small, otherwise unassuming grassy area.  

Just one day before this story was written, the spot was completely dark.  As we arrived on the scene, we noticed brand new lights.  And officers in marked patrol cars were noticeably present. 

Stover said, "I think it's really scary and hard to imagine that happened where we live.  I've lived in Charleston my whole live and it's not common."

She goes to Power games all the time, and she's right.  In Charleston, officers tell me sexual assaults are very rare.  In this case, no one has been taken into custody, yet.  However, detectives tell me people have been calling in, reporting seeing a man who matches the suspect description.  

In the meantime, officials at the ball park are offering and escort for people who feel uneasy walking to their cars.  "I think that's a great idea.  I would love that," Stover said.  

If you have any information on this case, call 911. Police have described this suspect as a white man, in his 50's to 60's, with long gray hair, no teeth, and tattoos on his arms.

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