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Keeping your kids safe from online predators

With the boom of social media, predators are now lurking closer and closer to your kids through the web.

Experts stress the importance of keeping a close eye on their children's online activity.

While social media can be a convenient new form of communication, it can also open a window of opportunity for online predators.

Experts agree the best way to ensure your kids safety online, is to keep a close eye on who they're interacting with.

"Unless you know the person personally, I would not suggest ever meeting up with someone in person that you've met online," says Michael Deems with the Beckley Police Department. "It could not even be the person you believe it to be."

Child psychologists advise parents to not allow children and preteens to have computers in their rooms and they say parents should take away their cell phones before bed.

Experts suggest to make sure all your kids social media profiles are set to private.

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