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Greenup County school begins "The Leader in Me" program

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Parents all hope that when their children learn in school they also develop leadership skills.

An area school is joining a program, where all of the learning is all about leadership, all of the time.

When these Argellite Elementary kindergartners slid into their first day of class, they also slid into a school-wide culture of leadership.

In every classroom with every subject, teachers incorporate the habits and principles of leadership, from being proactive to goal setting.

And they say it sets the best foundation.

Teacher Janie Bailey says it's simple, yet profound, "We're using that terminology, so, instead of being a paper passer, they are a paper passer leader. They know what a leader is actually."

Greenup Businesswoman Marsha Applegate helped secure the $40,000 from FIVCO for training and supplies to join in the internationally known "The Leader in Me" program.

Marsha says, "It develops good employees, and good employees lead to good economic development."

Standing behind a class of education rocking fifth graders, Applegate has her board of local business and civic leaders committed to the education effort. They want to grow this pilot program to any interested Tri-State area school.

Applegate adds, "We are committed to finding the funds, seeking out grants, and finding the corporate sponsorship, which we already have."

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