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Pt. Pleasant, WV teen returns to school after surviving fatal fire

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POINT PLEASANT, WV - For many kids, this time of year of can be intimidating as they head back into the classroom. It's even more challenging for a teen who's appearance is drastically different. Tre Smith survived third degree burns from a fire that killed his sister and brother early this year.

"I've missed him so much and I know everyone else has too," said Tre's cousin, Dedric Silva.

"To see him with that smile on his face and that joy, it's an inspiration." said Point Pleasant principal, William Cottrill.

To prep for Tre's return to school a burn specialist prepared the student's to Tre's challenges.

"What the hospital did was to make things more comfortable. A lot of questions we may have had we don't need to ask because we know." said Cottrill.

If there's was one thing to take away from Tre's first day, it's that although he may look differently, he's still the same person.

"He's still Tre. He's still ornery, he's still lovable," said school counselor, Patrick Leggett.

"He was cutting up this morning when he was here. He's just the same Tre," said Cottrill.

And as Tre embarks on his freshmen year, it appears he'll have more than enough support to help him through his transition. 

"We are going to continuously help him like he's helping us," said Cottrill.

"The whole purpose of school is to be inviting and to be one family," said Leggett.

There was another small victory for Tre in his first day at school, he wasn't assigned any homework.

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