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In Cabell County, mosquito pools test positive for the West Nile and La Crosse viruses

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In Cabell County, mosquito pools are now testing positive for the West Nile and La Crosse viruses.

Right now, the Cabell-Huntington Health Department is laying traps to catch and test mosquitoes for these diseases.

We are in the peak season for what could be a serious health concern.

"Last year six people in the state suffered from West Nile virus," said one person in Kanawha County.

The health department says do not be alarmed, instead take common sense concerns.

Most people bitten who contract the virus have no symptoms at all.

But the rain, heat, and humidity we're experiencing is prime "skeeter" breeding weather, so the obvious course is to avoid mosquito bites.

Here's the common sense stuff; wear long sleeves and long pants when you're outdoors, use insect repellant and eliminate standing water, in old tires and new bird baths.

Change your pet water bowls at least twice a week.

But if you're bitten, health officials say don't panic.

"The average person it they were infected would probably not even know they had it. Or, they would have a slight headache. It's usually the same people always at risk, older folks, the immune compromised and younger kids," says Environmental Health Director Stanley Mills.

Mills says one tablespoon of standing water will produce mosquito larvae in a few days, so think what a big bunch of stagnant water will spawn.

They suggest to avoid peak mosquito hours like dusk and dawn, but we're told some of our local tiger mosquitoes will bite all day long.

Again use common sense, especially the very young and the elderly.

If you're bitten by a mosquito and experience severe symptoms such as confusion, seizures, fever and sore muscles, contact your health care provider.


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