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Teen recounts scary moments as semi strikes bus in Mason County, West Virginia

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For senior, Ben Stevenson it's a morning he won't soon forget. He witnessed a accident involving the school bus he was riding on in Mason County, West Virginia crash. 

"I get on the bus and I'm about halfway down the middle of the aisle of the bus. I look through the back window and I can just see the semi was stopped. All of a sudden it was coming towards me and it was coming pretty fast. I didn't know what to do, so I just dove at the nearest seat and wrapped my hands around it. It was just this huge crashing sound. I felt the seat hit me in the chest,and my glasses went flying off my face," said Ben Stevenson.

His mother was also scared. She's a mother of six and was inside her basement at the time of the accident. She's always been concerned of an accident like this possibly occurring. "It's one of my greatest fears because I have seen semis pauses and not even worry about the sign and blow right by," said Coral Stevenson.

And now she says that every morning she will pay extra attention when Ben boards the bus.  "I'm still shaken. I'm afraid for him to board to bus. I'm going to be looking every time to make sure someone doesn't hit the bus," she said.

Ben credits his faith for keeping safe during Tuesday's accident. As for catching the bus to school, Ben says he'll likely opt to drive to school on Wednesday.

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