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WOW Kitchen: Turkey Tettrazinni

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Turkey tettrazinni is a hybrid Italian and French dish, it's got a nice cream sauce. It's a nice way to chop up the turkey into bits and mix it with pasta and vegetables and it's delicious.

My family loves this. I would do this every Sunday after Thanksgiving or Christmas. So, already in the pan I see some celery, mushrooms, carrots, onions, carrots and a little bit of olive oil. There's flour in there, there's also some fresh thyme in there.

I wish this was smell-a-vision because the fresh thyme cooking this pan with the mushrooms, onion, and celery, it's a very colorful dish and we're going to make it more colorful later.

We've blended in some flour there but we've got to thicken up the sauce, I'm going to looks like moonshine doesn't it? That's no moonshine, I can't drink that. It's chicken stock but there's wine in there but parents, don't worry about that because the alcohol, the white wine, cooks off.

Then we're going to add some Parmesan cheese and some cream cheese and it'll make an easy cream sauce. Go ahead and add. Put that in there. You know cream cheese makes every dish better, cream cheese is my secret weapon in a lot of my dishes. Get some more parmesan. I don't ever waste cheese.

Get all that good Parmesan in there. I use canned, but you can use fresh or grated Parmesan. In fact, if I take my whisk it's gonna thicken up, get out any of those lumps as it's making its own roux. Now is the time we take the turkey, which has all been cubed.

This is two cups of left over turkey. And you're basically using white meat. You can use both. Some people don't like dark meat. So you can disguise the dark meat with this dish. But the dark meat has the flavor!

So the turkey is all in there and that's thickening up nice and now is when we add our color. It looks so Christmasy. It's so festive for the holidays. It's just peas and pimentos. Most recipes just call for the peas, but I add the pimentos just because. You can.

Now it's Mark's dish. Let's put the pasta in there first. Half a box, 8 ounces of pasta, already cooked. Then we just take this cream sauce pour it over. I want to get the pasta mixed in there and stir it around just a little bit. It's almost like a turkey lasagna except with a white sauce not a red sauce. Now this is a half a cup of bread crumbs and half a cup of Parmesan cheese all over the top. I see a little 

Italian seasoning there as well. I just love using fresh herbs. There's some fresh thyme in the recipe in the sauce but I like to put a little on top with all the crunch stuff when you bite into that it's just so tasty. I tell you what, when it bakes, the aroma in the house will just knock your socks off. 

Permeates everything. This bakes off at 350 for how long? Half an hour. And you were kind enough to make some for me so I get to try it. I can't wait. Mmmm, oh my goodness, that is so superb. I'm not normally a white meat turkey fan because it's too dry for me but this is creamy and velvetty. 

You 're absolutely going to love this option when you've got that leftover turkey. Mark thank you so much for being with us. And you look for Mark on 13 News and his Political reports. He's not only a great chef but an excellent reporter so look for him on any of our newscasts.

I'm so glad you shared part of the holiday with us. Until next time have a delicious week!

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