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Huntington Batman helps families in San Bernardino

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HUNTINGTON, WV -- John Buckland, more commonly known as the Huntington, WV Batman, has been helping families in the Tri-State area for years.

After an interesting twist of fate led him to California, he knew that he and his Heroes4Higher crew needed to visit the families of those lost in the San Bernardino, CA terrorist attack.

"This visit out here has done something more for me on the inside," said Buckland. 

Out of the dozens of families John met in California, he says one group really made an impact on his visit. 

Amy Wetzel, whose three children lost their father in the San Bernardino shooting, said living through this massacre has been unimaginable. 

"It's definitely just a roller coaster of emotions and its been ups and downs with good days and bad days," said Wetzel. 

Buckland said he and his sidekick Todd Frazer understand the suffering these families have endured, which is why they work so hard to help with the healing process. 

"It's not just showing up and taking cute pictures with kids, it's actually supporting these kids and going through the journey with them," said Buckland. 

Amy said her youngest son Caden Wetzel, completely shut the world out after losing his father, but the caped crusader from Huntington helped him find his voice again. 

The main message Buckland wants kids to know is that no matter where they are from or what they are feeling, being strong through the tough times is what makes a true superhero. 

"What we have to offer the community whether it be in West Virginia, whether it be in California, whether it be anywhere around the world, is something that is extremely needed right now. People need hope," said Buckland.

If you or someone you know would benefit from the Heroes4Higher program, you can reach out to John Buckland at or by calling (304) 972-2311. 

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