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Look Back: Boomer Train Derailment

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I'll never really forget that day in Boomer because we had a massive snow storm, we had a train that derailed, that cars start to blow up one by one.  And you have an incredibly incompetent rail company who's sending out press releases from Georgia or Florida.  

WATCH HERE: Never before seen footage of the Boomer train derailment fire.

What they we're doing was saying "ah, there's just a couple of cars".  No. that was not the case.  They had no idea.  They didn't have a clue as to how many cars were involved until they got a hold of our cameras.

They had to use the camera lens to look at what was going on across the way.  And that night on the CBS Evening News, here's just part of our discussion with Scott Pelley.

WATCH HERE: Bryan Hughes's appearance on CBS Evening News

That heat was so intense that right there across the river I could feel the back of my head getting hot as each explosion happened.  

Those people of Boomer and all the surrounding communities, great people.  Tragically, their part of the river has been tainted.

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