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WOWKitchen: Frittata

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Today, it’s for the love of leftovers. I love to put the last little bit of spinach, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, cheese, whatever is in the fridge, you don’t want to throw out. That’s my pet peeve, throw away really good food. We’re going to turn it today into a frittata. Basically what that is is a crustless quiche.

What I’ve started in my little trusty cast-iron pan a little butter, a little leftover garlic and some mushrooms. Now the mushrooms were something already cooked so I’m sauteing them a little bit on medium-high heat. Then, you’re going to add a few leaves, that’s all I had left of spinach today, gonna put that in there. I’ve also added a little salt and pepper. Had a few of my Brussels sprouts, oh and some Parmesan cheese, how wonderful is that? Saute that, and you want to let that spinach wilt down just a little bit. Then I also, I love my sweet potatoes, so I’m going to also add my leftover roasted sweet potatoes in there. And realize the sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts are already cooked so they go in last. Then I have mixed together four eggs along with some leftover mozzarella cheese and about a quarter cup of cream. And then you’re going to take this make sure all your veggies are all warm and spread it around. OK, now, pour in the eggs and cheese. Let it fill the pan, it fills up every nook and cranny. Use your oven mitt before touching this. You can even tilt it a little bit. Make sure you get it around each side and see how it’s starting to set up on each side? You want that and you want to cook it for just a minute or two while it’s still on the stove, you’re going to get a wonderful, crusty bottom. Once that happens, you’re going to take it over to the oven, 400 degrees for anywhere from 15 minutes to even 30 minutes. It really depends on how high you’ve got it in your pan, how big your pan is. And when it comes out, this is what you have and of course you see I put some of my leftover cornmeal candy bacon on it.

This is something that will take leftovers to an upscale level and it will actually make you think you’re eating something totally different.

Until next time, have a delicious week

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