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Experience West Virginia: Jennifer Abney Visits Fayetteville

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It has been named as one of the "Top 10 Coolest Small Towns in America", and it touts some gorgeous vistas of the New River Gorge. We wanted to find out what Fayetteville has to offer your family. So pack your spirit of adventure and come "experience West Virginia" with us.

Fayetteville is a small town with a lot of personality and a big love for the outdoors.

"It's a crazy world we live in and nature's the antidote,” said Maura Kistler, co-owner of Water Stone Outdoors. “Anyone who is an outdoor person knows that, and every single day we have the opportunity to share that with folks who come to Fayetteville.”

Kistler says the area has long attracted extreme athletes, thanks to their world class climbing and rafting in the New River Gorge area, but now she is seeing a whole new type of adventurer.

"Hike out to Long Point, go down to the river or fish a little off the river bank,” stated Kistler. "We have all these other activities that are appropriate for anyone that don't require a lot of gear or bravery."

So, I grabbed some friends and family to test our bravery. 

First we took a trip to River Expeditions.  They offer a little bit of everything!

"Rafting is our primary adventure, but we also offer mountain biking, horseback riding, rock climbing, zip-lining and we have disc golf and paint ball here on site," said Heather Johnson, owner of River Expeditions

And lodging comes at all price points there, from their safari tents to their luxury cabins!

I was greeted with a porch full of rocking chairs and it really did feel like home! Johnson says a lot of their guests want the experience of ‘glamping'. They don't want to give up wifi and a hot tub, but they want to feel like they are getting the camping experience. I could totally relate.

It was too chilly to hit the water, so Johnson suggested we take a trip through the trees. It did not disappoint!

We discovered from hiking to biking to camping and zip-lining, this place reigns supreme as an outdoor destination. Whether you are planning your first adventure or you're a regular adrenaline junkie, you can definitely take your vacation to new heights. 

After getting back down to earth, we made a quick lunch stop at the much touted, Secret Sandwich Society. The food was spectacular, although I'm not sure we are allowed to talk about it. Shhhhh!

Next, we were off to New River Bikes. They offer bike rentals and tours. We signed up for both. We didn't even have to leave the town limits for our mountain bike adventure.

"We are lucky that the town is situated on the park,” said Andrew Forron, owner of New River Bikes. “In less than five minutes from anywhere in town, you can be in the national park. That's pretty amazing."

And we were pretty amazed by all that Fayetteville had to offer, and some of it didn't cost a dime! From catching a view of the New River Gorge Bridge from the end of Long Point Trail to exploring and accidentally creating new trails, we definitely understood the appeal to this cool little outdoor mecca! Now, we can't wait to come back and take on the Gauley and New Rivers!

What we did on our trip is just the beginning of things to do in Fayetteville. Here are some resources so you can get a few more ideas for your own trip:

Tell me what West Virginia attractions are your favorites and where should we visit next.

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