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Update: More Arrests in Park Place Bar Drug Investigation

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UPDATE: 8/29/2017 @ 5:00 p.m.

CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) - Three more arrests have taken place in relation to the Park Place Bar drug investigation after a 4-month long investigation into the Charleston business.

Sandy Guthrie, 49, was arrested Tuesday with felony possession with intent to deliver heroin. 

Jeri Duckwiler, 65 was arrested Tuesday with felony possession with intent to deliver crack cocaine. On May 9th, Duckwiler sold crack cocaine to a confidential informant working for the Charleston Police Special Enforcement Unit as part of the Park Place Bar investigation. 

The owner of the Park Place Bar, Steven Fischer was arrested for violating home confinement and has been placed in jail.

We will continue to update this story with more information as soon as we receive it.

UPDATE: 8/16/2017 @ 6:00 p.m.

According to the West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration, the owner of the Park Place Bar has surrendered his license to operate a business.

WVABC Commissioner Wooten would like to thank Charleston Mayor Danny Jones and the Charleston Police Department for their support and assistance with the investigation.

UPDATE: 8/12/2017 (9:00 PM)

Ten people have now been arrested in connection with the 4-month long investigation into the Park Place Bar. Charleston Police arrested James Bryant aka "Old School" and Roderic Scott Johnson aka "Scotty Bones" on several drug charges.

UPDATE: 8/9/2017 (11:00 PM)

Neighbors are breathing a sigh of relief after Charleston Police arrest 9 people in a bar raid. Investigators now believe Park Place Bar was the root of drug and violent crime on the west side.

West Virginia's Alcohol Beverage Control temporarily suspend the bar's license.

One after another, Charleston Police officers arrested 7 men and 2 woman for a slew of charges ranging from drug possession to battery to driving on a suspended license.

"The block was cleared off today and there were no drug addicts or anything out there today, so that was good to see. The kids got off the bus to a clear street," Deanna McKinney said. McKinney lives just a block from Park Place Bar and advocates for youth on the west side.

Wednesday after the raid, kids played on the sidewalks and neighbors walked around in the usually crime-ridden area.

"I've been here for a year and there's always people hanging around outside and my land lord here has to keep the front door here locked cause people will come in and trash the place, go to the bathroom," Sandy explained. Sandy, who asked us to just use her first name, lives across the street from Park Place Bar.

Neighbors say they're happy to see the bar shut down temporarily, but hope it stays closed.

"I take the bus right across the street from here. It'd be nice if they shut that place down cause all it brings is trouble," Sandy added.

Others say they hope the owner sells, allowing a more family-friendly business to be put in. 

"I'm hoping to see something more productive be put in place of the bar. They need to make it like a teen soda shop or something. You've got Stonewall Jackson right here, you got Mary C. Snow right here, you've got all these kids right here," McKinney told 13 News. 

While the police raid may keep the criminal element out, neighbors want to see more programs and activities put into the community.

"How about let's put positive things in these areas and see how that grows. When you water flowers- they grow. If you don't water it- it will die. And they're not watering the west side," McKinney added.

Charleston Police is expecting to make several more arrests this week and next. 


UPDATE: 8/9/2017 ( 4:00 PM)

Charleston Police say that 9 people in total have been arrested from Tuesday evening's raid at Park Place Bar on Charleston's West Side.

Park Place Bar has been shut down as a result of the raid.

A list of those arrested include:

  • Steve Carl Fisher-15 counts of Unlawful Acts of Licensees
  • Christine Ann Beish-15 counts of Unlawful Acts of Licensees
  • James Townsend aka “Whitey”-6 counts of Distribution of Crack Cocaine and 1 count of Distribution of Marijuana
  • Frances Foye-1 count of Distribution of Crack Cocaine and Municipal Court Capias-No Insurance
  • Ronald Lee Henderson-Simple Possession of Marijuana
  • Charles Christopher Poore-Municipal Court Capias-Marijuana 1stoffense, Suspended Operators, Speeding, Seatbelt
  • Deshane Robbins-Simple Possession of Marijuana and State Warrant-Battery
  • Shannon Lee Brown-State Warrant-Child Support and Municipal Court Capias-Battery
  • Miranda Campbell-Simple Possession Marijuana and Municipal Court Capias-Suspended Operators

UPDATE: 8/9/2017 11:50 a.m.

According to a release from the ABCA, they have suspended the alcoholic beverage license for Park Place Bar on Charleston's west side.

ABCA Commissioner Fred Wooton took swift action today by suspending the ABCA license at Park Place on Charleston’s west side. The ABCA is working with the Charleston Police Department (CPD) and the investigation is ongoing. At the present time, it is alleged that CPD found and seized illegal drugs inside the Licensees licensed premises. In addition to several arrests, initial reports indicate that owner of Park Place was arrested. Wooton said, “ While the investigation is ongoing and the ABCA may take further administrative action, the ABCA is sending a strong message that illegal drugs and other illegal activity will not be tolerated at any ABCA licensed establishment.” - Gig Robinson, ABCA spokesperson

Owner Steven Fisher and Manager Christine Beish were arrested and taken to South Central Regional Jail, and are being held on $2,500 and $5,000 bond respectively. 

The Charleston Police Department is handling the investigation. 

UPDATE 8/8/17 (11:00PM)

A West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration (ABCA) spokesman told 13 News Commissioner Fred Wooten is aware of the Park Place raid. ABCA investigators are actively reviewing Charleston Police Department's evidence and files. The ABCA will then determine if action, such as suspending or permanently revoking a liquor license, should be taken.


CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) - Charleston Police believe that a bar in the Capitol City is at the center of the majority of crime taking place on the West Side of Charleston.

Four arrests were made at the Park Place Bar on Central Avenue in Charleston Tuesday evening, but more arrests are expected.

Among those arrested are believed to be a mix of management and patrons of the bar.

The police department believes that the bar has been the focal point of a large-scale drug operation that has been the center of causing crime on the West Side for some time.

Charleston Police Chief Brent Webster believes that the bust at the bar will provide relief on the West Side.

The investigation into the bar was ongoing for four months according to police, involving Charleston Police detectives and the Special Enforcement Unit.

Charleston Police says about 40 people were in the bar when officers arrived Tuesday evening to serve search warrants.

The West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration en route to the bar to likely shut the bar down.

We will provide more information on this developing story as soon as we receive it.

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